SeaFall began in 2012 as a 3-piece folk/jazz acoustic trio, featuring Moira Morgan, Davy Cartwright and Xenia Porteous. However, after Moira & Davy were asked to write music for a TV film, and with increasing input from their studio engineer and wizard Lynise Esprit, SeaFall have evolved on to a different level. Lynise has now joined the band, bringing with him his soul-influenced keyboard and bass. As a result, SeaFall produce a much fuller, lusher sound, while maintaining a certain instrumental simplicity combined with their love of complex harmonies. Their music is at times calming, serene and uplifting, and at times dark, moody and unsettling.

Tides - Out Now

Posted: Sep 19, 2016

We do parties and functions too. Want classy live music for your banquet? No problem!

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Posted: Aug 28, 2014
Summer Rehearsal

Summer Days Sittin' in the Garden...

Another sunny day in Llantwit Major

Posted: Aug 28, 2014

Winter sunshine

Posted: Jan 07, 2014

Cadstock Music Festival 1

Posted: Jan 07, 2014
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