SeaFall began in 2012 as a 3-piece folk/jazz acoustic trio, featuring Moira Morgan, Davy Cartwright and Xenia Porteous. However, after Moira & Davy were asked to write music for a TV film, and with increasing input from their studio engineer and wizard Lynise Esprit, SeaFall have evolved on to a different level. Lynise has now joined the band, bringing with him his soul-influenced keyboard and bass. As a result, SeaFall produce a much fuller, lusher sound, while maintaining a certain instrumental simplicity combined with their love of complex harmonies. Their music is at times calming, serene and uplifting, and at times dark, moody and unsettling.
Posted: Sep 15, 2015

Big Changes Afoot for SeaFall

SeaFall are sad to be saying goodbye to Heulwen Thomas, who has stood in so superbly for Xenia to cover our summer gigs. Sunday’s at the Old Swan was a great finale, the rain even holding off til the evening. We’d like to say a huge thank you to Heulwen for all the time & effort she put into learning our songs; it was great to have you with us XXX.
However, over the past year or so Moira & Davy have been working on some songs and ideas which herald a major change of direction for SeaFall. Back in the 80’s Moi formed a band called Design for Living, one of whose members was a certain Lynise Esprit. Without knowing any of this, Davy also started working with him about 5 years ago through their association at Major Music in Llantwit, and Lynise played on and engineered several tracks from Davy’s last solo album. During the making of this, Davy & Moi first teamed up, so it’s no surprise that the 3 of them got together to work on the new material, to the point where Lynise is now a de facto member of SeaFall. So – hello Lynise, welcome aboard!!! His great talent, both as a sound engineer and as a musician, will be invaluable to us. We don’t know if we’ll be doing any more beer festival-type gigs, we may do the odd one here and there if asked, depending on how they fit in with Xenia’s new life; but she’ll still be closely involved in recording for the new projects. All will eventually be revealed…..
Until then, SeaFall will be going into sleep mode for a while (hoping to emerge as a butterfly rather than as a clothes moth).

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