SeaFall began in 2012 as a 3-piece folk/jazz acoustic trio, featuring Moira Morgan, Davy Cartwright and Xenia Porteous. However, after Moira & Davy were asked to write music for a TV film, and with increasing input from their studio engineer and wizard Lynise Esprit, SeaFall have evolved on to a different level. Lynise has now joined the band, bringing with him his soul-influenced keyboard and bass. As a result, SeaFall produce a much fuller, lusher sound, while maintaining a certain instrumental simplicity combined with their love of complex harmonies. Their music is at times calming, serene and uplifting, and at times dark, moody and unsettling.

About SeaFall

SeaFall is a three-piece acoustic band based in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. Davy, Moira and Xenia formed SeaFall in 2012 following an enjoyable collaboration on Davy's album "I Didn’t Get Where I Am Today". Their musical influences are varied, from classical music to folk, jazz, rock, pop and blues.

Moira Jayne Morgan (vocals, guitar, percussion)

a singer/songwriter, began singing and playing in public at the age of nine, coming through Eisteddfodai and folk clubs. After playing for some time in Hot Trigger, in the late 70s she founded a punk band ‘Moira and the Mice’, described by John Peel as “four square up my boulevard”. After that she worked with Dave Dearnaly in Wow & Flutter, then co-founded Design for Living.

Moira moved on to working in the theatre, touring Europe with Pip Simmonds’ Theatre Company and Vocal Muscle Dance Productions; she sang on the Alternative Cabaret scene with Chris Jordan as ‘’Man or Mouse’’, going on to sing Heartbreak Hotel in Welsh in the film Boy Soldier, before moving on to the jazz circuit; Rod Liddle said of her, “Moira sings with passion, love and warmth”.

Her performing took back seat to a career as coach and therapist, becoming a leading light in rolling out a programme of Mindfulness-based therapy programme across the public sector in Wales. In the late 2000s she started to sing again at Rumney Folk club, where she met the other members of SeaFall, and her songwriting and singing have since blossomed.

Davy Cartwright (guitar, vocals)

Davy began his public music career in 2004 with folk duo Steinbeck’s Old Brown Boot and Paul Duggan. There followed a couple more bands, Ivy Salad with Lisa Matthews; and Rum Daisy with Ruth Marie Murphy) and from 2010 a spell as a solo performer, during which he released three solo albums, before forming SeaFall with Moira Morgan in 2012.

Described by folk music magazine Taplas as having “a soft luscious voice, and curious thoughtful material,” Ian Burgess from Friends of Fairport Convention wrote, “Davy is very much a one-off, with influences far and wide, songs of gentle thoughtfulness that both relax you, yet stir the brain into thinking. All he needs is a bit of recognition.”

Music journalist Tim Carroll commented “Davy’s songs have acid-sharp, finely expressive lyrics that deliver their stories with precise enlightenment, keenly felt expression and mischievous humour. This is music with a folk essence that engages from the first with an easy-going style. Delve more deeply and there’s poignancy to his words embellished by perfectly placed accents of fiddle, guitar and delicate harmonies that are simply entrancing.” “Self-deprecating to the point of invisibility” Peter D. Cox, Radio Glamorgan.

Xenia Porteous (violin, harmony vocals)

Xenia began playing at an early age and was originally classically trained, playing with the National Youth Orchestra of Wales and leading the Three Counties Youth Orchestra of Mid & West Wales. Diverted by a career in accountancy she decided in 2013 to make music the focus of her life.

Constantly in demand because of her exuberant talent, she has played on Paul Duggan’s One Gentle Moment for an ITV network feature and on Barlow Cree’s folk album Holystone. She also plays in the Aderyn String Quartet and gypsy jazz band Hot Club Gallois. Music journalist Iain Campbell wrote of her “such sensitive fiddle playing”.

Read more on Xenia's website.

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